The Hero Dog

The Hero Dog :

             Dogs are very loyal and intelligent Creatures.They are always there when you need them.

             Kabang ,a family dog from Philippines,saved two children from being hit by a speedy motorcycle.Kabang sacrificed herself , blocking theroute of motorcycle. As a result ,she was badly injured, losing a part of her face and jaw.

             Local Vets said that the family could leave the dog in their hands for Euthanasia. The family refused and took care of the injured animal themselves. After the story spread round the world, the public donated US $20,000 for operations that could repair injured Kabang.

That proves Dogs are humans' best friends.

Salute to Female Dog

A heartmelting story..

In the village of Bishwanathpura, 300km northeast from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mintu, a female dog who is already a mother of 7 puppies adopted a month old baby monkey and breastfeeds it like a mother.

The baby got separated from its troop when the troop was damaging the rice fields. The next day the dog adopted it and now it feeds, protects and loves it. She barks and reacts angrily when anyone disturbs the baby and the baby always sticks to the dog's back taking trip of the whole area.

Dissolve Kidney Stones Recipe

Dissolve Kidney Stones Recipe:

Here is a recipe for dissolving kidney stone. Use it at the first symptom of kidney stone pain. For this recipe you will need lemon, water & apple cider vinegar.

Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup :

Inspiring Yet Scary Halloween Make Up Idea.In order to scare our folks we plan various pranks all through the year just for fun. When Halloween Day is declared to be a day which spreads fright among the people, youth can’t be paused to make their pals scared on this day. They simply put on loud makeups complimenting their sick and uncanny attires.

5 Rules To Live A Happier Life :

5 Rules To Live A Happier Life
  1. Love Yourself
  2. Do Good
  3. Always Forgive
  4. Harm No One
  5. Be Positive

Reflexology Chart for Hand Points

Great Reflexology Chart for Hand Points:

Press with thumb for 5 seconds and release for 3 seconds, to the affected point. Repeat it for 2-3 minutes for 5 to 10 days.You will get relief.Don't forget to share.It costs nothing.It may be useful to some one.

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Know Your Abdominal Pain :

Abdominal pain can range from general discomfort to severe pain suggestive of a possible perforation such as of a stomach ulcer or other part of the small or large intestines. The general location of pain in the abdomen will help locate the source of the pain and consequently guide to any further tests that may be necessary.
Many causes of abdominal pain are associated with symptoms such as:
Abdominal bloating
Occasionally weight loss.

Amazing Skin Shedding

The skin is the largest organ of our body, an adult man has skin stretched up to 20sq ft. Humans shed about 1.5 pounds of skin particles every year that makes 600,000 skin particles every hour. So by the age of 70 years an average person will shed up to 105 lb of skin.

What's your Birth Stone And Hidden Meanings of Birth Stone ?

                  Hidden Meanings of Birth Stones

#1 Garnet - January

January's birthstone, Garnet is blood red in color and garnet means perseverance, truth, patience and consistency. Although most people think that garnets are only red in color, but garnets come in a variety of colors like pink, green, yellow, violet and orange. This birthstone is even believed to protect from nightmares. All garnets will help to speed up the healing process.

#2 Amethyst - February

February's birthstone, Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone associated with sincerity, peace of mind and good health. Amethyst is a symbol of protection and has the power to overcome difficulty. Encourages self control and strengthens the bond in a love relationship. Amethyst is also believed to have great mystical qualities and it can help to steady a restless mind and bring mental and emotional well-being. Amethyst brings intuition, motivation and sincerity. Aids in meditation and stabilizes harsh emotions.

#3 Aquamarine - March

March's first birthstone, Aquamarine is a pale blue colored gemstone and is associated with foresight, knowledge and inspiration. Aquamarine's soothing blue color is believed to bring mental clarity and releases negative energy from the wearer. Aquamarine brings courage, creativity, perception, hope and self-expression.

#4 Diamond - April

April's birthstone, Diamond is the symbol of purity, innocence, eternity and courage. Diamond is the most sought after and expensive gem. In ancient times diamonds were believed to be tears of the Gods. The beauty and brilliance of a diamond is unparalleled and birthstones meaning for diamonds is eternal and true love, strength and romance.

#5 Emerald - May

May's birthstone, Emerald brings happiness, prosperity, success and goodness. Emerald is also believed to cure ailments and legends said that emeralds had bewitching and magical properties. Emeralds signify honesty, wisdom, growth and patience.

#6 Alexandrite - June

The birthstone for June is Alexandrite, helps renewal and regeneration, openness to higher self. Brings love, joy and luck. Greenish in color, this gemstone has the unique characteristic of changing its color to a red hue when exposed to a glowing light source, such as candlelight.

#7 Ruby - July

July's birthstone, Ruby has been regarded by ancient Hindus as the "king of gems." It was believed to protect its wearer from evil. The ruby's deep-red color signifies love and passion. It stimulates nurturing emotions. Excellent for shielding from psychic attacks and gathering and amplifying energy. Ruby is associated with harmony, protection, enthusiasm, contentment, success, integrity and strength.

#8 Peridot - August

August's birthstone, Peridot signifies innocence, fidelity, strength and faith. It is sometimes called the evening emerald for its light green color. It was once believed that the green peridot crystals found in volcanic ashes were the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele. When set in gold, this gem was said to protect the wearer from nightmares. It balances your mind and calms emotional storms. Aids digestion and insomnia.

#9 Sapphire - September

September's birthstone, Sapphire is associated with faith, honesty, wisdom and serenity. It is believed to increase mental clarity and enhance spirituality in a person. Sapphires are generally deep blue in color but they are also found in other colors like yellow and pink. Sapphire promotes pure emotions - purity of mind, serenity, joy and peace. Opens the mind to beauty and love. Clears the mind of unwanted thoughts.

#10 Pink Tourmaline - October

The birthstone for October is Pink Tourmaline, it has a magical property of pyroelectricity. Scientifically speaking, this means that when heated, the gem takes on a static electric charge, making it capable of attracting lightweight objects. Pink Tourmaline stimulates the creativity of its wearer. Pink varieties of Tourmaline range in color from pastel pink to ruby red. A gift of this stone is symbolic of hope.

#11 Yellow Topaz - November

The birthstone for November is Yellow Topaz, symbolizes love and affection. It is linked with wisdom, strength, courage and serenity. It soothes physical pain, promotes peace and calms emotions, as well as promoting forgiveness. Promotes individuality, self-confidence, creativity, mental clarity, increases focus and reduces mood swings and anxiety. Counteracts negative emotions.

#12 Blue Topaz - December

December's birthstone, Blue Topaz was considered by ancient civilizations to have cooling properties. Believed to calm hot tempers. This gemstone was credited with many other healing powers, among them the ability to cure insanity, asthma, weak vision and insomnia. Blue Topaz is symbolic of love and fidelity.

LG Mobile Printer.

Getting to have the photos printed at any time and anywhere. The Korean manufacturer LG has unveiled its latest invention that allows you instantly to print photos taken with the smartphone. It is a portable printer that have baptized under the name LG Pocket Photo.LG's Pocket Photo, which measures up at approximately 2.8- x 4.7- x 0.9-inches and is touted as the world's smallest mobile picture printer, might fit the bill. Images are slung from smartphones to the Optimus Vu-sized hardware via NFC, Bluetooth or USB with the help of an Android app, which can also be used to apply filters and overlay QR codes and messages.

Interesting :-) What Do you think your Date of Birth relates to which Animal ?

January 01 - 09 = Dog

January 10 - 24 = Mouse

January 25 - 31 = Lion

February 01 - 05 = Cat

February 06 - 14 = Dove

February 15 - 21 = Turtle

February 22 - 28 = Panther

March 01 - 12 = Monkey

March 13 - 15 = Lion

March 16 - 23 = Mouse

March 24 - 31 = Cat

April 01 - 03 = Dog

April 04 - 14 = Panther

April 15 - 26 = Mouse

April 27 - 30 = Turtle

May 01 - 13 = Monkey

May 14 - 21 = Dove

May 22 - 31 = Lion

June 01 - 03 = Mouse

June 04 - 14 = Turtle

June 15 - 20 = Dog

June 21 - 24 = Monkey

June 25 - 30 = Cat

July 01 - 09 = Mouse

July 10 - 15 = Dog

July 16 - 26 = Dove

July 27 - 31 = Cat

August 01 - 15 = Monkey

August 16 - 25 = Mouse

August 26 - 31 = Turtle

September 01 - 14 = Dove

September 15 - 27 = Cat

September 28 - 30 = Dog

October 01 - 15 = Monkey

October 16 - 27 = Turtle

October 28 - 31 = Panther

November 01 - 16 = Lion

November 17 - 30 = Cat

December 01 - 16 = Dog

December 17 - 25 = Monkey

December 26 - 31 = Dove

Saddest Cat in the World.

Is that a marshmallow, or a cat? Either way, it's an adorable kitten and we just hate to see it looking so depressed! Perhaps this cat is trying to become the next famous Grumpy Cat?

Many people think animals don't have emotions.

His wife was seriously injured.
She was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road.
He brought her food and tended to her with love and compassion.
He brought her food again but was shocked to find her dead.
He tried to move her....a rarely-seen effort for swallows.
Aware that his mate is dead, he cries with adoring love.
He stood beside her, saddened by her death.
Finally, he stood beside her body with sadness and sorrow.
People cried after seeing these pictures when they were published in the leading newspaper in France.
All copies of the paper were sold out on the day the pictures were released.
And many people think animals don't have emotions..


Historical Giant Skeletons of more then 4000 years old people , who were known as Qaum-e-Aad .  Recently a gas exploration activity in the south east region of the Saudi Arabian Desert discovered skeletons of a human of phenomenal size. This region of the Saudi Arabian Desert is called the empty quarter and in Arabic 'Rab-Ul-Khalee'. This disclosure was made by the ARAMCO exploration team .

Saudi Arabian scholars believe that these are the remains of the people of Aad. Saudi Arabian Military has secured the whole area and not any single person is allowed to enter except the ARAMCO personnel .


1-Honey,Onion and Garlic syrup
2-Horseradish syrup
3-Castor oil chest rub


Imperva has released a list  of the 20 most commonly used  passwords, culled from a hacking incident that took place in December at, a photo-sharing and slideshow site. Reportedly, 32 million usernames and passwords were breached. issued a statement indicating that it temporarily shut down its platform after the incident, and now employs encryption technology. Imperva posted a summary of the passwords, along with advice on how to create stronger passwords.

Below 20 passwords are the most common passwords. Is yours among them?

1. 123456                   
2. 12345
3. 123456789
4. Password
5. iloveyou
6. princess
7. rockyou
8. 1234567
9. 12345678
10. abc123
11. Nicole
12. Daniel
13. babygirl
14. monkey
15. Jessica
16. Lovely
17. michael
18. Ashley
19. 654321
20. Qwerty

Latest wrist MP3 player, It charges on ur pulse beats!!

Hailed as “MP3 Player Creative,” the
portable music player features a
flexible OLED screen that other than
displaying the playlist also lets the
user select the song or control volume
with just a touch of a finger. Worn
around the wrist like a bracelet, the
MP3 concept gives easy access of the
functions to the user. In addition, the
sleek music player includes wireless
headphones to offer clutter-free music
on the go.

3 Easy Ways To Die:

3 Easy Ways To Die:

  1. Puff a cigarette daily-You will die 10 years early.
  2. Drink alcohol daily-You will die 30 years early.
  3. Love someone who doesn't love you back-You will die daily.

Top 10 Best Foods For Your Heart


Beware !!!

The Lovers of Valdaro.

                           A pair of human skeletons found at a construction site outside Mantua, Italy, are believed by archaeologists to be a man and a woman from the Neolithic period, buried around 6,000 years ago. For 6,000 years, two young lovers have been locked in an eternal embrace, hidden from the eyes of the world. This past weekend, the Lovers of Valdaro named for the little village near Mantua, in northern Italy, where they were first discovered  were seen by the public for the first time.

After the discovery, many thought that the couple had been killed. It would fit in well with the history of an Italian region famous for many tragic love stories. Mantua is the city where Romeo was exiled and was told that his Juliet was dead. The composer Giuseppe Verdi chose it as the location for his opera Rigoletto , another story of star-crossed love and death.

              But subsequent research revealed that the skeletons did not have any signs of a violent death. They were a woman and a man, ages between 18 and 20 years old. Some have wondered if they died together, holding each other in a freezing night. Professor Silvia Bagnoli, the president of the association Lovers in Mantua, doesn't exclude this possibility, but she says that more likely the skeletons were laid out in that position after their deaths.

The mystery might never be solved. Still, many want to see the couple. The association Lovers in Mantua is campaigning for their right to have a room of their own. According to Bagnoli, €250,000 will be enough for an exhibition center and another €200,000 could pay for a multimedia space to tell the world the mysterious story of these prehistoric lovers.

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Brave Monkey

Brave Monkey:

During a dangerous factory explosion that occurred in China, a Monkey was recorded on the camera saving a puppy from the explosion site, He held the dog as he ran out of the factory. If animals can instinctively show compassion and kindness to each other, So can we.............

Harpy Eagle

                              Harpy Eagle - It is the largest and most powerful eagle in the world.


                                                 Thunderstorm in Texas, USA.

Sleepy Puppy

                                                               Sleepy Puppy
                                                                 So Sweet

Saiga Antelope


                             Saiga Antelope in winter

Angora Rabbit

                                 This is Angora rabbit. The world’s fluffiest bunny.

So Sad :-(

When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money!



Titanoboa lived during the Paleocene, about 60 million years ago. The snake was about 12 to 15 m (40 to 50 ft) long and weighed up to 1,135 kg (2,502 lb).

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